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Samsung D900 Screen gone? PLZ READ [Samsung SGH-D900 - 138117]

  • D900Dave
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  • 註冊日期: 5 十月 2008

I have a D900 and want to know if u can help? The fone is 2nd hand and DOES turn on, the keypad lights come on as does the power buttons etc etc....the SCREEN however, has a slight amount of light from it, almost as if the lights from the k/pad are lightin the screen a little!


I have taken it apart and got to a stage where I can see that the RIBBON connection front to bk seems ok,


Any Ideas? Anyone? it a ribbin thing or a case of new screen?

Many Thanks in advance for any reply


  • ElliotCarver
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Hi Dave, It may be the screen backlight has failed in which case you will require a new screen, but I believe the D900 has a facility to select the screen brightness in settings it may have been set to low by a previous owner, try a factory reset or find the backlight settings in settings, display. Regards, Elliot.
  • D900Dave
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  • 註冊日期: 5 十月 2008

Hi Elliot,


Thankyou for your reply,  further to the info u have given,  I am certain its not a screen brightness thing as I have another d900 in workin order and have tried to 'mask' my menu functions so that the broken fone is in the same settings as my own!

Its interesting you mention the 'back light failure'  this seems a possibility :-)  What basically happens when i turn the fone on is the keypad and menu buttons light up fine, but the screen only lights up just enough to notice that there is actually light comin from the screen!

There is no actual display of any type so I am guessing its may be the LCD screen has failed somewhere, but your info bout the bk light is worth lookin into THANKU buddy!!

I have the fone in bits and have connected the screen and housin, to the lower PCB via the main ribbon, got the batt and touched the conn's to test it.......

I will have a butchers for the bk light and let u know!

Kindest Regards




  • sgh
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Hey Dave,

Im glad i stumbled across your post. I have a d900i with EXACTLY the same problem as yours. I too, have taken my fone apart, and even replaced the flex cable/ribbon as a precautionary measure, but stll the same issue, where the screen and keys light up, but with no display. Just wondering if you have managed to resolve the issue with your fone. Look forward to your reply.



  • Clare Clay
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