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Sony Ericsson W995 or AINO - Some advice please about their features [Sony Ericsson Aino - 183217]

  • chiswick
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I'm thinking of buying my wife a Sony Ericsson W995 or the AINO but wanted to know a few things
with regards to their functionality and features:

1. Are you able to install 3rd-party applications such as Google Maps, Google Latitude,
Facebook, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger)?

2. Is it possible to sync the phone's calendar with Microsoft Outlook, either via a cable or over-the-air?

3. Do the phones support POP email (push mail)?

I would be grateful for any kind feedback or "real world" experiences in using the above features :-)

Many Thanks!


  • Rich_654
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The aino has google maps on it already not too sure about latitude though, you will be able to use facebook on it yes, i wasn't aware there was an application for it tbf, not too sure about syncing with outlook but s.e. comes with software that you can arrange dates with etc etc, and yes it will support POP email

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  • xidiwab
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