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mp3 ringtones/alarm tones and answer by pressing any button [Sony Ericsson K850i - 150245]

  • sabathiel
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  • 註冊日期: 18 十一月 2007
Some of my Mp3 songs are listed on the ringtone list but most of them aren't. Why is this so? How do I put all of my Mp3 songs as ringtone or alarm tones?

Also how do I answer an incoming call by pressing any buttons like I can on my Nokia N70 and sharp Gx30i. I thought I set up the phone on answer by pressing any buttons but I forgot how to do it or maybe this can't be done on k850i.
to set any tone as ringtone etc go to menu>>>organizer>>>>file manager>>>>music>>>> then your song, options then "use as"
  • sabathiel
  • 投稿: 25
  • 註冊日期: 18 十一月 2007
I know how to set an mp3 song as a ringtone. What I don't understand is I have a list of mp3 songs in my media player on the phone and yet some of them are not on the mp3 ringtone list. How do I put all my mp3 songs in the media player to be listed on my mp3 ringtone list so they will appear when I go to organizer>>>>>file manager>>>>>music.  Or is there a limit of number of songs that can be listed on the mp3 ringtone list?
  • kbmacpherson
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You may have to move the MP3 into the ringtone folder one by one. (File Manager > Music > chose song >Options > Manage File > Move > select Phone or Memory Card > Select Ringtones >Paste)

It works for me. Other options is to use media manager and paste mp3's into the ringtone folder that way.

  • Polyshot
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I tried but all it said is "Cannot set this file as a ring tone" ...........

Hey i did the exact same way as you did but for some reason mine will not let me choose my mp3.

it wont like highlight or let me choose it, or a different format is needed or

does this mean i have to unlock it ?

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