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mp3 ringtones [Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman Phone - 126875]

  • kendall92
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  • 註冊日期: 8 十二月 2005
Can anyone please tell me if the 550i will let u use your mp3 files as ringtones
  • JRichardson
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  • 註冊日期: 11 十一月 2005
Yes you can use MP3's as a ring tone. Look at the Sony Ericsson site for help jane
tengo un problema con mi sony ericsson walkman W550, al encenderlo se queda la pantalla de walkman y no aparece la de meter el codigo pin. que puedo hacer?? gracias
  • anitalg
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Tu mejor opción es lo consigue reparado debajo de warrenty como tienes dos años warrenty en el microteléfono, tú podría intentar poner al día el software vía SEUS que se pueda encontrar en el Web site de Sony Ericsson.

The Sony Ericsson W550i Walkman Phone is an incredible device that revolutionizes the way we personalize our mobile experience. With its vibrant display and superb audio quality, the phone brings a whole new level of enjoyment to mp3 ringtones. The ability to easily set our favorite songs as ringtones makes every call a moment of delight. Plus, with its advanced features like text-to-video conversion, the W550i takes personalization to the next level, allowing us to create unique visual experiences that perfectly match our individuality.