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HOW TO...View files on your PC that are stored on the phones int. memory [Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman - 119460]

  • Zebedee
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This is actually an answer I gave to a previous thread but thought it would be an idea to show it seperatly. To view pics saved on phone memory: Download the PC Suit from the SE website. Run and install it. Once done you will have something called "Sony Ericsson File Manager" (icon is of a phone and folder). Connect the phone, open SE File Manager, click on your phone icon (sometimes takes a few seconds to connect and be recognised), should be called "My Sony Ericsson W800", then you will see folders on left, click "Phone Memory" then "Pictures" and hey presto. For more help :- e-maill me: NB All advice given will be repeated on this forum for the benefit of other people. Poor manners will get you nowhere. Abuse will be reported.
  • chestervn
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I have problem with my PC Suit, coz when i connect my W80o with the PC, it doesnt appear in PC Suit program??? What happends Thaks Guyx
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its something to do with drivers usually. try reinstalling the software that came on ur disk and if tht fails (like my d2p did) then goto the sonyericsson website and reinstall the software package. And if you use ur memory card -i have a 2gb- then access the files by plugging the phone in to a usb slot (high powered so not the keyboard one on mac) then goto my computer where it should show up as a hardrive thingy. you can access ur photos and songs etc from there and even drag and drop audio files/pictures straight from ur pc to the phone, This saves loads of time as it bypasses using disk to phone which can be annoying and takes a while to use, especially if you only want to add one song..
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I too have a problem with the pc suit , due to now having windows vista it dose not load the drivers , I have spoke with sony and they are working on the problem ..... back to the point ...... as pointed out to me by pete and it is so simple just plug your memory card in to the pc card reader port (if you have one ) and bobs your uncle