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[This thread is not complete; a work in progress. There are no working links as yet. Sorry.] The idea behind this thread is to allow people to find a quick reference to the most common issues and have them all in one, easy to follow, thread. I will not lock this thread for the moment as I will need your help with suggestions but when it's time to call it complete, I will remove all but this post. If you have any questions or advice for the problems listed, please post them on the relevant thread. Your help to make and keep this working will be very much appreciated. Here then follows a list of common issues with links to relevent threads offering advice and help: - Bluetooth LINK 1 Branding/Debranding LINK 1 Camera/Picture Quality LINK 1 Charging/Battery LINK 1 Connecting to Macs LINK 1 Connecting to PC LINK 1 Headphones LINK 1 Keypad/Joystic LINK 1 Memory Sticks LINK 1 LINK 2 Radio LINK 1 Screen LINK 1 Software - Davinci LINK 1 Software - Games & Applications LINK 1 Software - Sony Ericsson LINK 1 Software - Update Service LINK 1 Sound Quality LINK 1 Sounds/Ringtones LINK 1 Switching on/off LINK 1 Transferring Music LINK 1 Walkman Feature LINK 1 Ok. I've had a quick scan of all the threads and of the 14 pages we have, the above list just about covers them all (Seriously, that's how little the forum search is used. An excellent example of just how many times the same question is asked!!!). As I said, please feel free to comment or offer advice. Also, please comment about whether or not you all feel this is a good idea or not. Cheers. Will try and get it working asap.
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