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dust under screen [Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman - 119460]

hey new here and have a w800i just thought ide post another solution to the dust under the screen. at work we have cans of compressed air which we use to keep our tv's nice and cleen dust free. so i thought ide clean away the dust inside the camera etc wen i just thought lets make whe whole of the phone look gud so sprayed around the screen and all the dust underneath dissapeared
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  • 註冊日期: 7 一月 2006
never thought of that, ta.
  • Blitzertam
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  • 註冊日期: 23 七月 2006
Is it possible to get some kinda preview or tutorial with pictures or something like that? Just to better understand
  • martinwood
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could you tell me how to get the top cover it held on by the tx screws inside the battery housing?
  • Gato rosa
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apparently so..its a complete nightmare to remove.. the only guide i could find wanted me to buy a 'special' screwdriver and take out the screws, the casing.. and THEN detach some wires from the screen to the circuit board just to get the screen off, or in this case to replace it. Its too flippin posh basically.
  • StuPC
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For relatively small amounts of dust under the screen, you can take out the memory card and blow (not spit!!) as hard as you can through there. I've noticed that there are various channels the air can get through the phone, and this seems to remove some of the dust... ---