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Two weeks of use and a line of broken pixels on screen [Xiaomi Redmi 3S Dual-SIM - 291729]

I tried to report this yesterday but no reply yet, so thought I'd try here.


After two-three weeks of use, the phone is in a case, hasn't been dropped, hasn't been near water, this line has appeared on the screen.  This is a phone I bought as a present for my wife after reading good reviews.


What can we do about this?

Line to left of screen running vertically

Is nobody working on customer service for Expansys?  I emailed on Sunday, sent this and a message on Facebook on Monday, messaged on twitter this morning, and all without one reply.

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Did you place your order on our JP website? We checked with our JP team and didn't find your enquiry. Can you please resend your enquiry to Customer Service email: info@ with your details?


I did place the order on the JP website, and they did reply yesterday, eventually, so clearly my enquiry was there.  They even had a reference number.

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