i.Tech Prostereo H1 Wireless Hi-Fi Headphone Amp Reviews From Other Regions

  • As Advertised
  • by Roger / 23/7/2020
  • I needed a solution to run speakers in my Helmet. This Headphone Amp seemed to fit the bill. I'm very pleased to say that it performs as advertised and is an excellent bluetooth solution. It has great volume, better than a lot of other devices. It also "translates" the sound file with nice quality and heaps of Bass. Very pleased .
  • Excellent
  • by Roger Britton / 4/3/2020
  • I was searching high and low for a good solution to power my Helmet Speakers without leads and hassle. The bluetooth solution to 3.5 jack works perfectly and the sound through the H1 is actually better than with direct lead. There is actually plenty of volume which is great for the bike and the bass is solid and well controlled without distortion on every second song. Battery life is good for about a week. It would also be perfect for those head units that don't carplay etc. Very pleased with the Prostereo H1.