iclever IC-BK05 Wireless Keyboard 銀, 三色 RGB 背光燈



商品狀況: 全新品!


  • Red, green and blue color backlight
  • Built-in Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 module, compatible with wireless and wired modes
  • Aviation grade aluminum alloy material, durable
品牌: iclever / SKU: 325157 / Mfr: AP_IC-BK05 / EAN: 06970684277637


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iclever IC-BK05 Wireless Keyboard 商品介紹

Tri-fold keyboard
The foldable full-size keyboard provides a user-friendly typing experience. Three-fold design, easy to carry iOS, WINDOWS and ANDROID compatibility: Built-in Broadcom BluetoothiClever ultra-thin three-fold Bluetooth keyboard, with LED backlight, suitable for big and small fingers, stable connection and fast response, bring you a perfect journey . You can quickly adapt to this new type of keyboard to achieve a smooth and comfortable typing module with an operating range of 10 meters (for iOS Windows), Android smartphones, PCs, and tablets

Wireless and wired mode
At the same time use the keyboard to easily connect the wireless device and the PC, and easily switch between them.

Color changing backlight
The user can choose two different brightness levels of red, blue or green. Even in a dimly lit room, a dark cabin or any other occasions, you can easily view the keys in various situations

Ergonomics and durable design
Aviation-grade aluminum alloy texture, with excellent durability. 2 balance frames can keep the keyboard balanced, resulting in a better typing experience

iClever Poetable keyboard
It will be very convenient to use an iPad or other tablet and phone to answer emails, write quick social media updates, and jot down ideas for blog posts. The only drawback is the effectiveness of touch typing. But rest assured, the iClever foldable keyboard is designed to solve this problem and improve work efficiency without sacrificing mobility.

Compact and durable
The ultra-compact Bkuetooth keyboard measures 6.46 x 4.65 x 0.63 inches and can be easily placed in your pocket, briefcase, purse or backpack. Thanks to its extra-long rechargeable battery, it can continuously type for up to 300 hours on a single charge.

Designed to increase productivity
It is designed with full consideration of portability and productivity. It adopts high-quality aluminum structure, quiet and sensitive scissor switch, clean, bright backlight and shortcut keys, which are convenient for you to access media and control entertainment.

運送重量: 0.22kg


  • Red, green and blue color backlight
  • Built-in Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 module, compatible with wireless and wired modes
  • Aviation grade aluminum alloy material, durable
  • Ergonomic and durable design
  • Continuous operation time: 5 hours (backlight on) ~ 300 hours (backlight off)
  • Compatible with iOS, WINDOWS and ANDROID systems
  • Adjustable backlit
  • Scissor-Switch Structure

iclever IC-BK05 Wireless Keyboard 用家評價

  • Very good
  • by PP / 31 三月 2021
  • Very good product, I love it.
  • Awesome
  • by Dave / 24 十一月 2020
  • Love this keyboard... it almost feels like a regular desktop keyboard...not an ultra portable tri-fold
  • Great keyboard
  • by David / 18 十一月 2020
  • Really happy with this keyboard... once unfolded it pairs up instantly and flawlessly to whatever divine you select... doesn’t even feel like a foldable travel keyboard once you start typing... 5 stars
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