Nokia 106 (2018) Dual-SIM TA-1114 雙 SIM 卡手機 Reviews From Other Regions

  • Most reliable phone since the Nokia 1100
  • by / 10/12/2020
  • Charge once a week with moderate to high usage. Snakes movement not as responsive as older models due to higher resolution screens. Slight latency when changing direction. Calls are clear and texting is fun but takes a while to get used to again. Reminds me of why in the early 2000's acronyms were commonly used for text language. Ideal for people who need a phone strictly for calls and texts. Dual sim isn't really necessary these days. It requires a regular sized sim, although micro and mini sims can be used with or without a sim sleeve. Reception in NZ is very good, I have never been without reception traveling to various remote locations. Even came with an American to NZ/AUS power adapter free of charge. Phenomenal product.