Petoneer Nutri Vision Feeder



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  • Capacity of 3.7L
  • Right Portion on time
  • App/Cloud Control
品牌: Petoneer / SKU: 318304 / Mfr: AP_6930460005212 / EAN: 6930460005212


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Petoneer Nutri Vision Feeder 商品介紹

Meet the Petoneer Nutri Vision
Smart pet feeder with built-in camera!
Smart and visible feeding from anywhere!

Care Anywhere, Anytime!
The Petoneer Nutri Vision lets you train and feed your pet remotely and rewards yourself with the peach of mind! Travel carefree with your furry family with Petoneer Nutri Vision!

Look after your pets � even when you�re away!
Two-way voice: interactive with pets anywhere!
Monitor and feed pets anytime!

Capture and share happy moments of pets!
Capture photos, record clips and never miss a happy moment!

Smart Feeding
With the cloud-enabled App, timer and portion programming are set to help pets develop healthy eating habits to prevent overeating or a missed feeding.

Peace of Mind: Stay Connected.
Are you still worrying if your beloved ones get well fed? From now on, you are in the know on the food balance and historical feeding. A real-time message will be pushed to you whenever your pets get fed a feeding. You can feed a particular feeding whenever you feel it is necessary out of the feeding routine.

Finally You Get Voice Control over your pet feeder through Amazon Alexa
From now on, you can feed your beloved ones by saying: "Alexa, ask Petoneer to feed my puppy 1 portion of food on Nutri." Life should be easy! Your furry family deserves it too.

In the know about Food balance and Shortage
The built-in two sets of smart sensors get you alerted on the food balance or shortage. The App and the LED alert pets mother refill or if food is fed intuitively.

運送重量: 2.80kg


  • Capacity of 3.7L
  • Right Portion on time
  • App/Cloud Control
  • Jam & Shortage alert
  • Invisible Slot for Power Bank
  • Live Viewing
  • Two-way voice
  • Video & Photo Capture
  • Alerts on phone
  • 120° wide-angle HD & Night vision

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