Samsung Quick Charger TA20UBE White, UK Version


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品牌: Samsung / SKU: 315140 / Mfr: AP_Samsung_TA20UWE / EAN:

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Samsung Quick Charger TA20UBE 商品介紹

This Samsung Galaxy charger is an official Samsung product made from the highest quality materials and to the strictest standards. This is ideal as a spare or replacement for your existing Galaxy charger. [ Adaptive fast charging ] Experience faster charging speeds than ever before with Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging. Using the built-in technology of your latest Samsung Galaxy phones (including the S8) this Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger can rapidly recharge your device. No more hanging about, just super quick charging. [ Compact design allows you to take it on your travels ] The charger itself is very compact which makes it highly portable. Ideal for taking with you on holidays or short trips. When not in use, the central pin can retract, giving the adapter a much slimmer profile for convenient storage. Specifications Color: Black Voltage: 100 ~ 240V, 50~60Hz Output: DC 9V, 1.67A or DC 5V, 2A Package Includes: Adaptive Fast Charger Black (UK)

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