Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smart Watch 42mm, Moonlight White, EU Version



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  • Standby time: 24 days
  • OS: Android
  • Water resistant: 5ATM
品牌: Xiaomi / SKU: 329946 / Mfr: AP_W1910TY4N_EU / EAN: 06970100373011




Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smart Watch 商品介紹

The Amazfit GTR comes in two variants; the 47mm and 42mm, both models are stylish and elegant. The 47mm comes in three different versions that feature three different materials; a stainless steel case that weighs 48 grams, aluminum that weighs 36 grams and a more durable titanium version that weighs just 40 grams, while the 42m version comes only in stainless steel case and weighs just 25.5 grams (all excluding straps).

The GTR is very lightweight and also sleek with the 42mm measuring just 9.2mm in thickness size.

The stainless steel and aluminum version of the 47mm GTR comes with a 22mm interchangeable leather strap that complements its classic appearance leaving it with the appearance of a classic smartwatch � the sought, the Swiss purists will fancy, while the titanium version comes with a fluoro-rubber strap that�s very comfortable to wear and adds to its really lightweight design. The GTR (42MM) comes with 20mm leather straps that are also interchangeable.

The bezel made of microcrystalline zirconium ceramic complements the outstanding classy and elegant design of the GTR, giving it the appearance of a true premium smartwatch.

The 1.39 inch (47mm) and 1.2 inch (42mm) versions features AMOLED powered display that offers a very interactive and lively experience, while its touchscreen with additional two buttons by the side for easy navigation of the small interface.

The GTR 47mm is available in black and gray, while there�s also a limited Iron Man edition with a golden stainless steel case and red silicone straps. The 42mm is available in cherry, black, white and red colors, plus a limited special edition made of a golden stainless steel casing coated with 60 cubic zirconia crystals on the bezel and a white leather straps.

The more durable 47mm titanium version cost about $200, while the stainless steel and aluminum cost around $145. The GTR 42mm sales currently for about $120 in China.

運送重量: 0.27kg


  • Standby time: 24 days
  • OS: Android
  • Water resistant: 5ATM
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth smart v4.2 LE

Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Smart Watch 用家評價

  • GTR 42, no lap time
  • by Leung / 10 十二月 2019
  • disappointed. RUNNING MODE, no Lap function.
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