Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier P8


品牌: Xiaomi / SKU: 315334 / Mfr: AP_xiaomi_roidmi_p8 / EAN: 6970019141169


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Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier P8 商品介紹

- Large air volume, removing aldehyde, odor, anti-mite and antibacterial

- OLED display, laser particle sensor

- Full-effect composite filter

- Centrifugal turbine fan, stronger power, greater wind power

- Three sides of the circulation into the wind, increase the area of the air inlet, improve the purification efficiency

- The straps are fixedly placed on the headrests of the rear seats and are not afraid of bumpy road sections

- Low noise design, 35.8dB in silent mode

- APP intelligent control, real-time viewing of air quality changes in the car, adjusting for their own work mode, more intimate reminder function

運送重量: 2.37kg



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